A long term foster program for up to 2-3 years for super seniors and special needs animals.



Open your hearts and your homes to a senior or special needs animal

Sancutary Foster Program

The sanctuary is a long-term fostering program that can be anywhere from 6 months to 2-3 years, depending on the case. The expected time frame will be discussed with you and agreed upon prior to you taking a sanctuary foster home. Some of these older animals just want their own human to snuggle with for the time that they have left – many of them don’t even realize that they’re different and are endlessly affectionate with those who choose to get to know them. Sanctuary fostering can be extremely rewarding! This program is built for animals who are “super seniors” (usually abandoned by their owners because they don’t want to deal with old age) and for animals who have a permanent medical condition and therefore are not adoptable. This can be something simple like just needing eye drops and periodic ophthalmology checks for the rest of their lives to something more involved like chronic respiratory conditions. Some of the sanctuary animals do not need any medication and are simply with us because of old age. If you choose to foster a sanctuary rabbit or guinea pig, the foster team will discuss all of the possible options with you to make sure that you find a sanctuary animal that fits with your family. 

Sanctuary fosters are instrumental in giving senior and unadoptable animals a place to be loved and cared for. Many of these animals have never known any kindness from humans and without a loving sanctuary foster to take them in, many of them face life terrified and in pain alone on the streets. All costs associated with medical care for the sanctuary animals are covered in full by the rescue for the remainder of the animals’ lives. Our rescue generally has anywhere from 10-20 sanctuary animals at a time and we would love to see each and every one of them get their very own sanctuary foster while they are with us. 

*The sanctuary foster program can provide service hours, however, it is long-term so unless you’re looking to accumulate hours over 1+ years, this may not be the program for you.*