Did you know that rabbits and guinea pigs are social creatures? They seek comfort in the presence of a friend of the same species who speaks the same (body) language. And being alone can be very unsettling for them. In nature guinea pigs live in close family groups of 5-10 and rabbit colonies can be as big as 60-80 rabbits.

If you’ve been wondering if your fuzzy friend is lonely all day while you’re away or you’ve been thinking about getting your rabbit or guinea pig a friend, join us for one of our Monthly Adoption & Bonding events where (hopefully) there will be a lucky connection!

Space is limited so if you and your furry friend would like to meet our eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that didn’t find love in February, sign up today:

Requirements for Rabbits

Requirements: Rabbits must be spay / neutered and have been cleared by an exotic vet within the last 3 months.

Bonding Criteria:

  • AGE: Rabbits should be within 1-2 years of each others age. As rabbits can go into stasis if a bond mate dies we try to match ages to not risk the health of a young rabbit being bonded to an older rabbit.
  • SIZE: Rabbits should be within 1-2 lbs of each other. We do not bond rabbits who are drastically different in size due to the risk of severe injury to the smaller rabbit in the event of a fight.
    • M/F: these pairs are the most natural and easy to bond.
    • F/F: if a female does not get along with males we will try introducing a female friend.
    • M/M: with the exception of brothers who were born/raised together in the rescue and are truly bonded we do not bond males to males due to the frequency of un-bonding and severe injuries.
    • D/D: two dominant rabbits will not be bondable and can severely injure or even kill one another.
    • S/S: likely to be a rare “love at first sight” bond. One rabbit will still be dominant but there will be minimal chasing / mounting, if any, or rabbits may alternate mounting.
    • S/D: This is the most common bond, it will take time and dedicated effort. Bonding can take 2 weeks to 2 months, or more.

Reservation Request

*This is a reservation request, a coordinator will be in touch to confirm if the date / location that you selected has available slots or when the next availability would be.
Bonding and Adoption Meet & Greet




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*if multiple rabbits / groups, please specify name, gender, age, breed, weight, if they are spay / neutered for all and who is bonded.

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*if multiple guinea pigs / groups, please specify name, gender, age, weight, if they are spay / neutered for all and who is bonded.

Have they been seen in the last 3 months?

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*if multiple rabbits / guinea pigs include individual pictures of all.

Maximum upload size: 516MB

Maximum upload size: 516MB
*this should include: hay, litter, pellets, treats, supplements.
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