If you ARE able to foster until an adoptive home is found

If you ARE able to foster we are more likely to accept the animal (s) into the rescue. We do our best to help all animals, however the most common reason we have to turn animals away is: no available foster homes. We will almost* always accept animals that have foster although we reserve the right to turn somebody away if circumstances make it necessary. *Being willing to foster your own animal(s) does not guarantee a spot in the rescue.

Please note that if you are fostering your own animal(s), they: (1)  must be separated by gender, (2) housed indoors only, (3) transported to/from vet appointments and Meet&Greets, (4) socialized to insure they are adoptable. You are also required to foster until adoption as you are bringing the animal(s) into the rescue under the pretense that you will foster.

If this option works for you, please select that on the form below and a coordinator will be in touch.

If you ARE NOT able to foster until an adoptive home is found

If you ARE NOT able to foster please submit a Surrender Request and we will be in touch to let you know if we are able to help at this time or not. We are a network regular people who open their hearts and homes to animals in need and our ability to help is contingent on the number of adoptions and new foster applications each month. If you are able to find your animal(s) a foster on your own (through your network of friends, family, or asking online) and somebody submits a foster application we are more likely to be able to help them sooner.

If you have been placed on a waitlist

If you have been placed on the waitlist we will be actively working behind the scenes to place your animal(s) into a foster home as soon as one becomes available. You may email us to inquire about your position on the waitlist monthly and will receive an email when a foster home opens up. If we do not hear back from you within 48hrs we will offer the spot to the next person on the wait-list.

At this time, all of our foster homes and waitlist are FULL

estimated wait time to be placed on the waitlist is 3-4 months

Surrender Request

Surrender Request

Are you looking to rehome a pet or surrender an animal you found?
Are you able to pay the $150* Surrender Fee at this time? *this fee is per animal and is non-refundable
Is the animal in danger or needing urgent medical care?
Are you able to pay for medical care?
How long are you able to keep this animal safe?
* the longer you are able to keep this animal safe the more likely we will be able to place them as foster homes become available.
Are you able to foster until an adoptive home is found (this can take 4-6 months)?
Select species and indicate how many
*if you are looking to surrender multiple species, you will need to submit a separate form for each species.
*if multiple rabbits / groups, please specify name, gender, age, breed, weight, who is bonded, if any are related and how.
* if multiple guinea pigs / groups, please specify name, gender, age, breed, who is living together, if any are related and how.
Is the animal spayed/neutered?
Have they been seen by a veterinarian in the last 6 months?
Does the animal have any known behavioural quirks, medical history or history of illness / disease?
* please specify what room in the home and if there is A/C
* specify quantities and how often, brand of pellets (if any), types of pellets greens / veggies / fruits (if any), type of treats (if any)
Maximum upload size: 516MB
*if multiple submit individual pictures of all
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB
* include hay, pellets, litter, treats, supplements, toys, etc.