Help Us Find Their Forever Home!

Adoptable rabbit sisters
Adoptable sisters Annie & Clara have been waiting over 2 years for their forever home.

Together we can make a difference, one Happy Tail at a time!

Dear Foster Family,

Thank you for opening your heart & home to provide a safe haven for a rescued rabbits or guinea pigs.

During this time you can help them find a forever home quickly by sending us lots of photos and telling us about their unique personality traits, likes, and habits. Your insights really help us create a captivating bio that increases their chances of finding a loving forever home.

Photos: Capture their cutest moments! Whether they’re snoozing, playing, or just being their charming selves, high-quality pictures can make all the difference. Read “How to take high-quality pictures” below for tips on how to take photos that will get your foster adopted quickly.

Stories and Updates: Tell us about their progress, their likes and dislikes, and any funny or endearing moments you’ve witnessed. Your personal anecdotes bring their bios to life!

How to Take High Quality Pictures

  • Optimal Timing: take pictures during daylight hours when natural light is abundant.
  • Avoid: low light conditions like early mornings, late evenings, or poorly lit rooms. Photos taken in the dark or at nighttime tend to be grainy and less appealing.
  • High Quality: check that your camera or smartphone is set to the highest resolution. Clear, crisp images display your foster in the best light.
Composition and Framing:
  • Level and Perspective: position your camera or phone at eye level with the rabbit or guinea pig.
  • Full Body Shots: capture their entire figure—ears and feet. For our website, aim to fit their whole body within a square frame. For social media, both landscape and portrait orientations are usable.
Portrait Mode (on iPhone):
  • Depth of Field: use portrait mode to blur the background and focus on your foster pet, making them the star of the photo. If your rabbit or guinea pig doesn’t stay still for a picture, standard mode might be more effective to avoid blurring due to movement.
Background and Setting:
  • Clutter-Free: pick a background that’s simple and clean. Avoid crowded or cluttered backgrounds.
  • Ideal Settings: photograph your fosters while free roaming vs inside of their enclosures. Pictures of them playing with their favorite toy, enjoying a treat, hanging out in their tunnel or flopping on the carpet / couch are preferred.
Capturing Personality:
  • Descriptors: Think of three to four adjectives that best describe your foster pet’s personality (e.g., adventurous, gentle, playful, shy). Try to capture these traits in the pictures.

Foster Tails Submission Form

Foster Tails




Select One

Tell us when and where you found them and what made you decide to rescue them.

Put “N/A” if unknown
How easy are they to pet, handle / pick up?

1 – “Very shy” never comes out of hidey house; fights and scratches if you try to pick them up.
2 – “Shy” runs away, hides most of the time, easily startled; does not take food from hands or approach.
3 – “Selectively social” allows some petting, approaches for treats, doesn’t like to be picked up but can be handled.
4 – “Friendly” will lay stretched out, approaches confidently and engages, possible to pick up and handle.
5 – Extremely friendly & social, prefers to be around people, follows you around, demands pets.

1 – High energy: runs and jumps around a lot, frequent zoomies, binkies and/or popcorning.
2 – Medium energy: easy going, social, spends equal time running around and loafing.
3 – Low energy: lazy, prefers to Netflix & nap.

1 – Poor, rarely uses the litterbox.
2 – Sometimes uses the litterbox but also poops and pees outside of the litterbox.
3 – Fair, pees in the litterbox but sometimes poops outside of the litterbox.
4 – Very good, always pees in the litterbox, mostly poops in the litterbox but misses 10-15 poops per day which are usually close to the litterbox.
5 – Uses the litterbox perfectly.

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Maximum upload size: 10MB

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