3 Ways to Talk Your Friends and Family Out of Buying Rabbits this Easter.

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Easter is almost here! And the annual urge to get the cutest photos with toddlers snuggling up to a soft, downy bunny begins. But we know the truth behind these rabbit mills that produce these cuddly creatures in horrific, inhumane conditions. If you know someone who has decided to get a rabbit for Easter, here are three surefire ways to get them to adopt rather than buy from rabbit mills.

It is Cheaper to Adopt

It is always a good idea to appeal to their wallets first. South Florida alone has thousands of rabbits in rescues across the tri-county area. In fact, they are the third most surrendered pet at shelters. Most shelters waive adoption fees for small animals to encourage greater adoption. This means adoption is by far the most affordable option when looking to purchase a rabbit. This means, if a family is looking for a specific breed of rabbit, they are most likely to find it at a rescue shelter for next to nothing.

It is Humane to Adopt

Buying rabbits or any animal from a pet store is never as innocent as it may seem. These animals are usually sourced from breeders with reputations for being rabbit mills. These inhumane conditions exist when no care is taken for the animals breeding schedule, housing and comfort but with the sole aim of creating more animals to sell to pet stores. Many of these rabbits are bred too frequently resulting in ill-health and babies born with health issues that do not survive for very long after purchase. This means buyer beware to prevent ending up with a large vet bill from sick rabbits.

A good indicator that a rabbit was bred at a rabbit mill is the price point. Low purchase prices mean very little care in terms of veterinary checkups, medications, cleaning and maintenance to facilities were done so they were not factored into the price.

An unsocialized rabbit is also a good indicator of rabbit mill breeding. Rabbits are social animals but they do not get this socialization from breeding mills. This means they suffer from various health problems and do not easily become socialized with pets of other species in the home.

Save A Life

Sadly, rabbits and other small animals who are not adopted at local shelters will be euthanized. There are simply too many being surrendered each year to keep up with the required adoption rate. This means that families looking to acquire a rabbit this year should make adoption a serious consideration to save a life.

Rabbits and all other animals deserve a life free from animal abuse and neglect. However, this is not always the case when the profits far outweigh anything else. With very little integrity left in the industry, an appeal to your family and friends should include their moral duty to save as many lives as they can.


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