Ferret Care Everyone Needs to Know


Ferrets are curious, extremely social, fun-loving animals which makes them great domestic pets. Originally bred for hunting and pest control, ferrets are actually closer related to otters and badgers than any other animal. Males are called hobs and female ferrets are called jills. Baby ferrets are called kits.

Ferrets are hardy animals and usually live about 15 years. This is great news for families wishing to have a long term pet with fewer veterinary bills. Unless advised by a vet, ferrets need companionship so another ferret of the same or different gender would be best for socialization. If you choose to keep a single ferret, please ensure you can play with them regularly. Bored ferrets, like most bored pets, will display behavioral problems such as chewing and other destructive behavior patters. It will also be difficult to introduce other ferret companions later in life.

Ferrets are great with other indoor pets such as dogs and cats when introduced and socialized carefully. Be prepared to supervise any inter-species play time until they make the adjustment to the new family dynamic.

Ferrets are notorious sleepers and can sleep for 18 to 20 hours per day. They are considered crepuscular, which means they are active during dawn and dusk and sleep during the day. They need an insulated indoor sleep area at least 10ft by 6ft and away from direct sunlight. This sleep area should be weather-proof and draught-proof and lined with hay, wood shavings, newspaper or shredded paper for bedding. This area should be cleaned weekly. Litter trays which needs to be cleaned daily. 


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